Our Vision

“To provide employment, develop life skills and build independence for young adults with Down’s Syndrome in a welcoming and supportive community environment.”

Providing opportunities

'There are around 40,000 people in the UK with Down’s Syndrome. However, in spite of having a certain level of learning disability, every one of these individuals is unique, with aspirations, hopes and ambitions.

We have set up a thriving community café and learning centre that will provide these young people with meaningful work, access to training and skills development, and the opportunity to socialise in a friendly and supportive environment. We want our young people to be fully involved in running the cafe, and to take pride in its growth and success.

Life-enhancing experiences

There are so many benefits of this approach for our young people. They will be able to put into practice everything they have learned at school and college. It will benefit their mental and physical wellbeing, helping to build confidence and independence, while giving them the opportunity to widen their experiences and fulfil their potential.

Embedded in the community

The Birch Tree café is located in Easton on the Hill just outside Stamford in Northamptonshire, in a former primary school building. The café project has been enthusiastically welcomed by the village community, and we hope it will become a popular meeting place for local people, as well as a magnet for cyclists, walkers and other visitors.

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