About T-21

About Our Charity

T-21 is a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO), which has been registered with the Charities Commission since 2018. T-21 stands for Trisomy 21, (meaning three copies of chromosome 21) the medical name for Down’s Syndrome.

Our stated vision is “to provide meaningful work opportunities and social interaction for young people with Down’s Syndrome in the wider Peterborough area”.

T-21 was established to meet the needs of the adult members of the Peterborough Area Down’s Syndrome Group, which was founded in 1998. We recognised the challenges our young people face in finding their place in the world as they reach their teenage and early adult years. Like all young people, they need friendship and support, but also the opportunity to gain new skills and enjoy social interaction, both in the workplace and the wider community.

Our plan has been to build and run a village café that will be staffed by young people with Down’s Syndrome. We also hope to partner with local businesses and educational institutions, to ensure the highest standards of performance in all our operations. 

What our young people want T21 to achieve...